Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Journey Begins!

This is my first post.  I am really excited to have finally secured a superb horse, who is already well schooled in all the basics and who moves with grace and flair.  He will need more work on my part to compete at international level, but I am confident he will take me into the senior ranks at the highest level.
I also have another Dutch Warmblood youngster in the wings, who has even better pedigree. He is called Grig and we bought him as a wild and gangly two year old.  Having calmed and "civilised" him throughout his first year with us, he is now a lovely, friendly gelding showing superb natural paces and excellent learning temperament.  I plan to have him ready for 2017.

Sadly though, this has meant that I've had to sell my lovely rare spotty Danish Warmblood reg. Knubstrupper. He was a 10 year old gelding and a good dressage competition horse.
We will miss him, but he's gone to a good home.